“Don’t Get Too Grand” Nominated for a JUNO AWARD 06/02/2014


“Don’t Get Too Grand” has been nominated for Roots/Traditional Album of the Year.


“Donovan Woods earns Juno Nod” 


Click Here  to view the complete list of 2014 Juno Nominees.


CBC Radio 1 – Interview 08/01/2014

Here’s a big long feature interview from CBC Radio 1′s Bandwidth hosted by the wonderful Amanda Putz. She’s so nice and we got to talk for a good while. I say “like” too much, I think.

Happy New Year! 01/01/2014

Happy New Year, here’s my own personal “Favourite Songs of 2013″ annual post over at Slowcoustic.com. Check ‘em out! Maybe you’ll hate them!

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